Floristry at home – creating beautiful arrangements

Floristry at home could be a lot more than plonking supermarket daffodils in a container. Here are a few words of advice on making beautiful displays.

Until recently, this has been my preferred flower arranging method: buy low-cost daffodils, roses or tulips from a superstore. Chop off an inch of stem, and put them in a vase.

A untidy couple of flowers could be a lot better than no flowers at all but I’ve always known that, with guidance, my results could possibly be a great deal improved. Continue reading “Floristry at home – creating beautiful arrangements”

Preserving flowers

It really is great to obtain the gift of flowers, and when you are doing very often it is for a rather meaningful situation. In the event that you got flowers for a birthday or a wedding anniversary or perhaps for any occasion and you desire to save them, learn how you are able to dry and preserve your flowers. There are plenty of ways that can be done this. Uncover what option is going to work best for the flowers you’ve got, and preserve the memories forever. There are a few various ways that one can preserve them through pressing and drying the flowers. Continue reading “Preserving flowers”